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23 March 2016 @ 03:17 pm
Hi, sorry to be away for a really long time, without a post.

Long story short I've been away from LiveJournal - I've stopped using it, switched to Tumblr for a bit, and just wasn;t doing scanlations anymore. The fact that my college semester started after a break might have been the case, and art school is ridiculously workload-heavy. All in all, life got busy and I've forgotten about scanlations. Heck, I haven't had time to sit down and watch anime in so long. I miss it.

So the short rant aside, I recently cleaned out my old emails, and came back to LiveJournal, and it brought back all memories - really good memories of meeting friends and sharing in things I loved.

I'm not going to delete the community, or take down links. I might do a scanlation by myself when I have the time, so I won't be closing it. Just going on an indefinite hiatus I guess, haha.

Thanks for reading Nagare Scans' projects, really. 
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13 December 2012 @ 06:14 pm
Hello All!

Sorry I've been dead the past month or so. Being in school does that to you.
I cannot wait for Winter Break.

I have another release coming up soon, but I'm having trouble cropping & leveling two pages into one.
Anyone want to volunteer...? It's only one page...

I've also been getting PMs and comments about the dead links. Sorry, I'll fix them as soon as I can!Damn you MediaFire
If someone has the files on their computer, could you send them to me at rosa_raine@yahoo.com, please? 
I'd really appreciate it.

Besides that, I made a sales post. Come by and take a look if you're bored!

Lots of rare KHR Korean doujinshis and others, including Durarara, Magi, Inazuma Eleven, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Fullmetal Alchemist, D.Gray Man, and Bleach.
06 September 2012 @ 07:33 pm

Hello! This is just a list of things that Nagare Scans will be working on and I made this list for three reasons:

1. Because homework is boring and I needed to do somthing to kill time
2. Because the community seemed dead with no new releases
3. We need staff to work on these projects!! Please, if you can clean or typeset or proofread... 
And staff members, if you see any that needs to be worked on and caught your attention, either PM me or email me.

From left to right: 
A: My Lover by Mokupi / Not started
B: He easily catches colds by Mokupi / Not started
C: Aphostatic by Makisi / Not started **Joint with Moi_xRyu**
D: Judgment by Jesia / Ready for release


E: F.I.N.D.U by Ahon / Not started
F: Maerchen by Kine in Aqua / In translation (90% complete) **Joint with Moi_xRyu**
G: Go! Go! Fran Minime! / In translation (95% complete) - Needs a cleaner and a typesetter


H: Abracadabra by ASH / In translation (50% complete) **All Abracadabra series are joint projects with Dear Marionette**
I: Abracadabra Side Story by ASH / Not started
J: Abracadabra Shizuo Story by ASH / Not started
K: Practical Joke by CASS / Translated and proofread.Needs a cleaner and a typesetter
L: CHASE by Yechung / Translation completed. Needs a proofreader, cleaner, and a typesetter
M: Instrumental by Sunflower / In cleaning.Needs a typesetter and a QCer.

N: Cat and Dog by Mokupi / Not started
O: Mating Season by Mokupi / Not started
P: Marguerite by Mokupi / In translation (10% complete)

Q: Dawn Flavour by Nayuta / Scanned 
R: Twinkle Secret by Nayuta / Not started

Notes: I got a bunch of more doujinshi from Korea, including Kuroko no Basuke doujinshis, but I haven't decided which ones to work on and which ones to sell yet. 

And sorry that all of these are Korean, but I can't go to Japan... not yet anyway. But someday~ Kufufufu~

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08 June 2012 @ 11:44 pm
Hey guys, how are you all doing?
I'm sorry to say I'm not doing so great.

For the last one to two weeks, it was hell with cramming and studying for finals, and on top of that, I have seem to caught some type of flu/cold/virus that refuses to go away.

Thus, I have been away from the scanlation world, and have not been translating or acting like a boss for a while.

Good news is that after June 15th is my Summer Break. I SHALL BE FREE THEN. And another Enma doujinshi (Judgment) will be up soon -hinthint-

And Staff Members, if I said I'll send you something to work on and didn't do it, please remind me.

PS: I'm in need of good Korean to English Proofreaders. You don't have to speak Korean, just be comfortable in looking at Korean letters and be capable of translating my garbled sentences to something that people can understand.

An Izaya to cheer myself up - Izaya by Myoya
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22 April 2012 @ 12:17 am
This is our first anniversary.
Many thanks to those who stayed with us for the year!!
Sorry for a plain entry. Will upload pretty picture to celebrate once I have the time.

Pretty picture posted - Illust by Mokupi
I vow to work harder and bring releases faster, from now on!!!!
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31 October 2011 @ 09:22 pm
So I finally received my doujinshi's. They had arrived like a week ago but I wasn't there when they delivered the package, so there was a slight mishap at the post office which required me to pay them a visit.

So which one should I scan & work on first??

...The Choices...Collapse )

Poll #1791483 Which doujinshi should I scan first?

Tsunako no Jijou 2
Dawn Flavour
Twinkle Secret

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30 May 2011 @ 09:32 pm

I know I posted a recruitment log about a week ago, but I left out something very important.

I just realized it when I tried to use a Custom CSS and failed, miserably.
(A Journal Style from mintyapple. Thanks, xryuchan27)


After some tries I got it right but I did not like the end result and how it took me forever. I changed it back but it took a lot of effort xD

So, recruiting anyone who has lots of time on their hands, good with CSS and site maintenance, and willing to cope with my laziness. Anyone???

Plus, WE STILL NEED MORE STAFF!!! Translators would be most helpful. Cleaners and Typesetters are required and I will try to post a tutorial of sorts on my lj. We have all the Proofreaders, thou. Thanks :)

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21 April 2011 @ 05:04 pm
Nagareboshi Scans is a scans group that basically scanlates anything that our one and only translator can do.

We do both doujins and manga. (When we can find them, that is)
Download entries are locked, so please join if you want to see them ^^


1. Please do not steal. Do not upload anywhere else or hotlink our scans.
2. No spamming.
3. If you don't like yaoi, go home.
4. Respect, please.
5. No profits are made from these scans!!!
6. ASK FOR PERMISSION if you want to post our releases somewhere else.

**PS: Please do not request. I know this is hard to ask but we are limited in the projects we can do for various reasons and it breaks my heart to say no....:'-(**

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